Not Missing Out on NaNoWriMo

by Flynn on December 1, 2010

Last year I embarked on a huge life change. I began to write fiction and it all began on November 1, with the start of National Novel Writing Month. It was an incredible few weeks. I discovered that writing romance infused me with a sense of purpose. I felt recharged and confident in myself. In a way I hadn’t in years. I finished my 50,000 word draft before Thanksgiving and I spent the rest of the month basking in these words. “I’m a writer. I wrote a novel.”

Since last year, I’ve learned more about the writing craft. I’ve taken courses on editing, met a supportive and talented group of writers online, and even worked with a mentor. Life has been chaotic, slightly off-kilter since March but I was sure I could participate in NaNoWriMo this year. After all, if I had participated and won on my first try, what could stop me this time. Apparently life could. This pregnancy hasn’t been easy. I’ve been sick, running two houses has been difficult as we prepare for the move to our new home, and then there are the two monkeys running around my house.

Still I endeavored to begin and found myself with a respectable 23,000 words and the foundation for a decent category length novel. The characters are clear in my mind. I like them and I like the way the plot is fleshing out. Next year, I’ll have a first grader, a 4 year old, and an 8 month old in November. Will I plan on participating in NaNoWriMo next year?


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