How much are your dreams worth?

by Flynn on June 1, 2011

I asked myself this recently and I admit, I was completely surprised by my answer. Apparently, my dream to become a published author is worth a substantial amount of money. Money that my family could spend on home  improvements or a family vacation or even on my hobby of photography. Instead I placed a serious bid during Brenda Novak’s auction. That bid will give me the eyes of the SENIOR EDITOR for the line I’m targeting. She will critique my partial and give me a call. It’s scary and nerve-wracking and totally worth it to me…several months before I’ll be experiencing the wait.

For me, there’s a little more to it than just the opportunity to get my partial MS past the slush pile. That money means accountability. I can no longer put off my writing time. I can no longer afford to question my talent. I need to get the best mixture of words down on paper.

Instead of browsing the internet looking for ways to improve my skills, I need to write.

Instead of searching out the best in productivity tools to help me maximize my time, I need to write.

Instead of making excuses on all of the reasons why I can’t write, I need to write. And it’s starting now.

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