Tricking My Muse

by Flynn on July 14, 2011

I did it. Back in April, I gave my Muse the slip. I gave up on a project that I had been writing since January of 2010. I told myself that it was time to pack it up and start on something else. I did just that with my first wip, editing and rewriting on it for weeks.

Until it happened.

The story came back to me. It happened while I was in the shower, unexpected but very much wanted.It started like most stories do for me…a bit of conversation here, a reel of film that plays out in my head, and my fingers begin itching to write. I saw and heard my characters for the first time in months. There was the real conflict behind the ones that I had originally heard. Pieces of their pasts came to me and I knew that this book is ready to be finished. I am ready to finally get it done.

It happened not a day too early. This is the WIP I have planned for the partial submission I bid for back in June. I’m less than a quarter through the edits rewrites. Progress is slow as I balance the ‘mommy-me’ with the ‘writer-me.’ I have goals now, a way to THE END, and a concrete end date.

And it all started with giving up.

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