What I Love about New England: After the storm

by Flynn on February 12, 2013

You might have heard about the recent storm that hit us here in the Northeast. Nemo was predicted to make quite a hit on New England but no one had any idea how hard it would hit the south coast region of MA. By Friday night, my house was without power and slowly losing heat. Saturday was spent keeping my kids warm and shoveling out our icy, snowy driveway. We woke on Sunday to 41 degrees and the knowledge that we had to beat tracks out of there. After an hour of picking the ice off our Jeep, we made our way to RI and my parents' warm house.

I took this picture on Tuesday, a day after emptying my fridge and freezer, clearing a way to our shed, calling the electric company to pull a huge limb off of our power lines, and finally thawing out. A sunrise after one of the worst storms I've ever weathered.


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