Isabelle grew up in a small town on the coast of New England. She had a (small) view of Narragansett Bay from her bedroom window .

She daydreamed. A LOT. She read A LOT, too.  She also babysat A LOT. Sometimes all at the same time.

Her love of children and learning led her in search of the perfect career. Four years after studying in the wildly exotic town of Kingston, RI (not), she moved to the Big Apple. One year later, while enjoying some lovely (and alcoholic) cider, she met the man of her dreams. AND EVERYTHING CHANGED. Against her ambitious plans for the future, she gave up the career and headed for the truly exotic climes of Ankara, Turkey. A brief stop in the metro DC area was followed by a stretch in a dusty, blistering hot Mexican border town. Isabelle and her family have now settled (hopefully, for good) in a quaint New England town, formerly known as the shovel capitol of the world. Her days are dedicated to her three children and writes whenever the planets align or she forcibly makes it happen.