Moving Again

September 22, 2010

or Why Isabelle has been missing in action…In March, my sons and I left our home for the past three years to spend a few weeks with family. My husband stayed behind, working and getting our belongings ready for the move from one post to another. When he joined us, we spent a few more […]

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A Contest Entry

September 15, 2010

Recently I entered the New Voices contest hosted by Mills & Boons. If you’d like to give my first chapter a read, visit their site here. While I’ve been disappointed by the rating system, I’m glad that I took the chance and gave others an opportunity to read, rate and comment on my work.

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How I Write: Week Ten – Writing Resources

August 18, 2010

If you haven’t been able to tell from the past ten weeks, I love my list of resources. For the last year, I’ve been reading many craft books and collecting links that I could turn to as I refine my writing skills. Some of them have been incredibly helpful in building certain weakness while other […]

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How I Write: Week Nine – Am I Ready to Submit?

August 11, 2010

Nope, I most certainly am not ready to submit. There are steps to be taken and courage to be built before my WIP sees its way into an editor’s hand. I do know what I need to do to get there though. Here’s my thoughts on getting into a submission mindset.1. Revise, Revise, Revise.This is […]

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How I Write: Weeks Seven and Eight – Revision

August 4, 2010

This post was originally a two-part set of posts on Revision planned for July 28 and August 4. Between the last minute craziness of getting our family and stuff (lots of stuff) ready for the big move and then settling in here, I was not able to get it all done ahead of time. Please […]

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How I Write: Week Six – Motivation or Getting through the Dreaded Middle

July 24, 2010

Starting has always been the most difficult and scariest part of writing for me. My internal editor kept me for starting so many times that when I was finally through the start, I could hardly stop myself. As I mentioned in my last post, I’m struggling with working on my current project. Not because I’ve […]

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Packing Again or Why Posting May Be Erratic Here

July 23, 2010

Earlier this year, my husband and I received notice on where our next assignment would be. We imagined a well-coordinated move that would involve overseeing movers boxing our belongings. They would be transported two and a half hours away while we enjoyed a few months of R & R. During this break, we would enjoy […]

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How I Write: Week Five – Getting the First Draft Completed

July 14, 2010

I’ve done it. I really have. I started and completed a category length novel in November but still I struggle with finishing my current project. Life intrudes and it’s not always easy to ‘show up’ when you’re either in a car on the road or in someone else’s house. There are a few things that […]

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How I Write: Week Four – How to Start

July 6, 2010

The first step can be the hardest on a WIP. It involves a big leap of faith and the belief that your story, your characters, your writing is enough to create a novel. It’s a declaration and a dedication of your time. It’s more than I WILL write….It’s I AM writing. Before I ever started […]

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How I Write: Week Three – Research

June 30, 2010

We’re talking about research this week. It can be interesting, daunting, overwhelming, or a time suck. Either way, an author that foregoes research may be leaving their readers behind. There’s nothing worse than reading a great book only to be stuck on a point so improbable or plain false, you can’t let it go. I […]

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